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Our mission is to present the most objective, reliable and accurate health information. We aim to ensure that Babyoopsbaby.com is a source of practical and relevant content around health and medicine in your daily life.

We are committed to providing a variety of information from health topics, and instead of acting as a filter for what information is appropriate and not appropriate for individual health conditions, we depend on you, as our reader, to choose the information that is most appropriate for you.

It is important to understand that, however, the information provided by Babyoopsbaby.com or other sites cannot be used as a reference for a substitute for a professional health services consultation. You are still always required to consult with a doctor or a licensed health professional regarding any questions you may have about a particular medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking medical help because of something you have read on our site or any site.


Editorial Selection Criteria for Original Content Made by Babyoopsbaby.com

Babyoopsbaby.com produces original content based on the criteria below:

Relevance health issues that can affec how you manage the health of yourself and your family. Topics include a variety of health news; launches, withdrawals, and warnings regarding health products and medicines; health advice; and the opinions of experts about managing diseases and medical conditions, and about healthy lifestyles.

The importance. The medical sources and references we use are the latest medical discoveries published in accredited medical journals, such as The Journal of the American Medical Association, The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, Pediatrics, Diabetes Care, Circulation, and others.

Trend. Seasonal interests, such as “Safety during Flood”, “Allergy Season”, and “Fever and Flu”; public awareness, such as “National Breast Cancer Day” and “National Healthy Heart Day”; and current health trends, such as healthy lifestyles, exercise, disease prevention, herbal and alternative medicines, and others.


Our Content Is Different

Our content can be accounted for. The online health blogs that are currently available often contain outdated information and cannot be justified. Babyoopsbaby.com exists as a trusted competitor and provides authoritative sources around health information.

Our news articles and features are based on the editorial selection of the most important and relevant health events that occur every day. Our news article not only provides a brief explanation of information but also includes interviews with health experts who select the article, along with interviews with third-party health experts who can support the entire article and interpret the findings to be understood by the wider community.

Editorial Integrity – The journalistic obligation of Babyoopsbaby.com is to ensure there are clear differences between news, features, references, and other information so that readers can distinguish directly the difference between editorial articles and sponsored articles or advertisements.

Editorial Independence – In every report, Babyoopsbaby.com is obliged to maintain the principles of journalism, such as fairness, accuracy, objectivity, and independent and responsible article content.

Journalistic Excellence – Babyoopsbaby.com upholds the traditional principles of journalism in creating original content for the internet and in reviewing and confirming the information provided by third parties.


Editorial Policy for Editorial Staff Babyoopsbaby.com

Every editorial staff from Babyoopsbaby.com is required to disclose potential conflicts of interest that might occur between sponsors or vendors.

Babyoopsbaby.com keeps its editorial staff separate and distinguished from other staff who specialize in advertising and collaboration promotions. No one will work on both sides, and no editorial staff will be sent to represent work around the sponsors’ interests.

Babyoopsbaby.com’s editorial staff is responsible for providing accurate, objective and balanced information on every reported event and issue. Babyoopsbaby.com reporters must find out the source of the story or expert sources to provide opinions on the issues reported. They must also provide other opinions from independent institutions to produce balanced news.

Journalist Babyoopsbaby.com has the duty to provide comprehensive and honest coverage and is dedicated to the ethics of journalism and professional work standards.


The Process of News Articles – Original Articles

Every week, our editorial staff and medical advisors will plan a daily news list and articles that must be published daily. Planning includes the provision of the latest information from various medical journals, announcements from state health agencies, and analysis of the latest health trends. Our reporters will discuss with medical experts who are experts in their fields to provide in-depth analysis, the latest information, and profiles that will give our news articles and content a unique view that cannot be found anywhere else. Every original content has been first checked by our medical advisory agency.

Babyoopsbaby.com editorial staff get information from various sources; accredited medical journals, medical conferences, local or central government activities, and material from interviewees. Babyoopsbaby.com also trusts valuable content provided by our sponsors, advertisers, and partners, but each of these containers must be clearly labeled.

Every writing will first go through a review process by our Medical Editor who is a health practitioner, to ensure the accuracy, suitability of the medical language, and suitability of the characterization. Then, the article will be checked by the editor to correct language, story flow, punctuation, and comprehension. The article is then ready to be posted on our site.

Licensed Content

Babyoopsbaby.com licenses content about lifestyle and health from third parties that will be published on our site. Senior editors from the editorial and medical advisors will then review the content to be consistent with the editorial policies and procedures that we make before publishing.

Sponsor Content and Advertisements

In using our site, you will see some content, buttons, logos and digital banners that read “Our Sponsor”, “From Sponsor”, or “Advertisement”. This type of content is not reviewed by our editorial staff and is not subject to our editorial policies. Digital buttons, logos, and banners that read “Our Sponsor” or “From Sponsor” are subject to sponsor policies, while digital buttons, logos, and banners that read “Advertising” are subject to advertising policies.