Best Ebook in 2020: “The Getting Pregnant Plan”

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We all know that there’s a whole lot of eBooks out there on the web promoting systems and methods that claim miraculous results in reversing infertility and thereby getting you pregnant. Let me tell you right here and now that most, if not all of them, are crap.

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The reason I say this is because I’ve actually tested out a great number of these and none of them worked! After 6 years of constant disappointment, I was emotionally drained and desperate. But I knew that I was only partially to blame, my husband had a hand in this as well, but be that as it may, I couldn’t force myself to bring this to his attention. I mean I didn’t want him to feel ‘less of a man.’

One evening on that fateful summer, I was browsing online searching for some things I could gift a friend on her baby shower – one that I was really not planning on attending I might add – I saw this little inconspicuous little ad for The Getting Pregnant Guide. I thought to myself, “Yeah right, like this will be any different! ”Naturally, I pretty much ignored it at first, but something inside me just wouldn’t allow me to completely ignore the ad. And eventually, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided that I would allow myself to hope just one final time.

So I clicked on the ad and got redirected to this warm-looking website which had numerous banners promoting the eBook. One banner, in particular, caught my eye; “60 days money-back guarantee.” I figured “What the hell, I got nothing to lose.” So I bought the eBook, and within minutes I was already fully engaged in the eBook.

My initial impression of it was that this eBook felt a lot more comprehensive and I guess had a ‘holistic feel’ to it than most of the eBooks I had read over the years. I was particularly drawn to a section regarding ‘male infertility,’ which detailed types of infertility issues in men and how to deal with them. This was what cemented the deal for me!

This particular section of the eBook really encouraged me to have that heart-to-heart and candid talk with my husband regarding his role in pregnancy. I was then confident enough to approach him and talk to him about this issue over a nice romantic dinner, and to my surprise, his reaction was very positive.

I remember his eyes lit up in excitement as the prospect of me getting pregnant once again filled his heart with joy and excitement. He told me that he would anything within his power to up the chances of me getting pregnant, he even said that he wouldn’t mind seeing a fertility doctor if that was what it took.

best ebook The Getting Pregnant Plan

So the very next day, we went to a fertility expert to get treated. And yes, it did take us a couple of sessions before anything significant occurred. But then after the 3rd of 4th treatment, something happened. I felt really sick and could barely hold down my meals. “Could it be … “ I thought to myself. Not wanting to jump the gun, I asked my husband to take me to our doctor, and sure enough. I WAS FINALLY PREGNANT! Oh my God … words couldn’t express the bliss I felt at the time. It was truly the greatest moment of my life.

I really feel that The Getting Pregnant Plan Guide was the revelation I’ve been searching for all this time. The eBook aided me in my quest for pregnancy, and I can’t thank Michelle Adams enough for literally saving my life! God bless you, Michelle! I can’t recommend this book enough to all of you ladies striving to get pregnant! You can find it HERE

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