8 Tips for Successful Pregnancy Programs to Have Babies Fast

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You and your partner want to have a baby soon? Some couples may get pregnant quickly while others need more time and more persistent effort. If you are one of them, don’t be discouraged right away. The following are tips for your pregnancy program to run optimally.

Successful Pregnancy Programs

Here are some tips for a pregnant program that you can follow so you don’t have to wait too long to get a baby.


Check the health condition

Before you and your partner start the pregnancy program, you should check each other’s health condition. Health tests for pregnancy programs that are usually recommended by doctors include blood tests, blood sugar levels, thyroid function, pap smears, and so forth.

This examination is important so that the doctor knows whether there are abnormalities or health problems that you and your partner have. If you and your partner carry a certain genetic disease, the risks to pregnancy and the baby can be avoided early on.

Remember, the sooner your problem is known the faster your doctor can treat your condition. That way, your chances of getting a baby will also increase.
Don’t forget to ask your doctor about medicines or vitamins that are safe for consumption in preparation for pregnancy.


Find out your fertile period

One of the keys to a successful pregnancy program is knowing when you are fertile. The fertile period itself is a period of ovulation, which is when the ovaries release eggs.

If the egg is released during the fertile period of this woman successfully fertilized by sperm, then the woman will potentially get pregnant. However, if the egg is not fertilized by sperm, the egg will die and menstruation occurs.

To calculate the fertile period, you must first know when menstruation occurs. Create and record it on the menstrual calendar to find out the estimated period and calculate the fertile period.

For women who have regular menstrual cycles, you might have no trouble knowing your fertile period.


Have sex at the right time

After knowing when the fertile period, do sex with a partner. You can have sex 1 or 3 days before the egg is released.

You can also have sex 12 to 24 hours after ovulation occurs. Having sex at these times is believed to be an effective way to get pregnant quickly, even the chances of a successful conception process will be even greater.

It is important to know that sperm can only survive for at least 3 days after being released. While the egg can only survive one day after successfully released ovaries. Make the best use of a woman’s fertile period for a successful pregnancy program.


Having sex regularly

Other tips for a successful pregnancy program are regular sex. There is no such thing as having too much sex if you want to get pregnant quickly. If you already know when your fertile period and your overall condition, having sex more than once is certainly very permissible.

But remember, you should not have excessive sex. Excessive here is when you and your partner are too forced to have sex. It actually makes your body tired and stressed. If this happens, sexual activity is not running optimally. Ideally, have sex two to three times a week.


Determine a comfortable sex position

There are still many people who believe that there are certain sex positions that can increase the chances of getting pregnant. In fact, until now there has been no scientific evidence that actually says that certain sex positions can cause pregnancy quickly.

Basically, all sex positions are good, provided you and your partner feel comfortable when doing it.


Pay attention to your daily diet

Applying a healthy diet is not only good for your overall health, but also as a key to the success of your pregnancy program. Yes, when you and your partner are sure to get pregnant. Better slowly but surely change your eating patterns, both to become healthier.

This can be started by paying attention to the food that you consume daily. Choose foods that are highly nutritious, especially those that contain a lot of folic acid, iron, and calcium. Remember, proper nutrition can help prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy.

Avoid consuming sweet foods, too salty, and high fat. Consider also how to process food that you consume. You can process healthier foods by boiling or baking.

In addition, avoid taking pregnancy supplements without a prescription from a doctor. Always consult your obstetrician first before taking pregnancy supplements.


Exercise regularly

Body fitness is also important to note because it also greatly determines the chances of a successful pregnancy program. No need to exercise with high intensity, you can do whatever sport you like. The key is one, make yourself move every day.

To be more excited, invite your partner to exercise together. In addition to maintaining fitness, physical activity together can bring you closer because of the growing mutual support.

Before starting a particular sport or exercise, you should first discuss with your doctor about your physical condition and needs. Because each person’s body is different, so the type of exercise and the rules are certainly not the same between one person and another.


Quit smoking

Smoking is one of the causes of someone infertile or even infertile. Therefore, if you want this pregnant program to run successfully, it’s best to start smoking right now.

Not easy indeed. However, that does not mean it can not be done, Remember the baby you crave. Beat your ego and be determined to stop smoking right now.

Ask your partner to remind and encourage you when you are tempted to smoke again. Reduce your smoking frequency. In addition to stopping smoking, you and your partner are also advised to reduce alcohol consumption. Research shows that consuming alcohol every day can reduce testosterone levels and sperm counts, and can increase abnormal sperm counts.

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